The Frankenbrew 10bbl System

Brewing craft beer with a Repurpose!!!

We love drinking beer and we love building things…so…in a moment of clarity (or drunkenness), our DIY spirit took over and we decided to build our own brew system and start brewing beer.  Utilizing the finest search engines available on the internet … we scoured the earth looking for used stainless steel tanks.  We found dairy tanks, yogurt fermenters, wine fermenters and a 1000 gallon dairy surge tank (the Yellow Submarine) that we pieced together to build our brewhouse.  It isn’t pretty but the bank doesn’t own it so we can spend our money making better beer. 

The Yellow Submarine does a great job lagering beer and reminds us of one of our fav bands.


Come Visit Us ….

Next time you are in the Burg drop in to enjoy a craft beer, mexican food and entertaining guests.  We look forward to seeing you.